Success at Sourcing City Marketplace

Earlier this month, we (Director, Bal Phillips and Marketing Executive, Amber Crighton) attended Sourcing City Marketplace.

On Tuesday night we set of for the two day event in Farnborough, Surrey to get a good night’s rest.

Day 1 arrived and with a delicious cooked breakfast in our stomachs we were ready to take on the world… well at least the world of Sourcing City Marketplace.

After setting up our product display and scoping out the hall (and pick ‘n’ mix) we were ready for our appointments.

Our main focus was to have in-depth conversations with the distributors to truly find out what they are looking for in a supplier, to ensure that we are constantly offering the best in-house service possible and keeping up with the demands of the industry.

Our first appointment kicked off at 10.30am, and from then onwards, appointments were constantly flowing throughout the day. Each meeting was informative and enlightening, as well as full of laughs. Before we knew it, our busy day was over.

After a tasty meal at a local Chinese restaurant and a good night’s sleep, it was time for day 2.

While we were feeling as fresh as a daisy, the same could not be said for all the suppliers and distributors who had attended the Sourcing City Dinner the night before.

However, the distributors put on a brave face and we are pleased to say all our appointments showed up, and we even had a few unplanned visitors stop by to speak to us in the runabout sessions.

We wanted to use the 2 days as an opportunity to catch up with existing customers and meet new prospects and that’s what we managed to do. We had valuable conversations with each of our appointments and thoroughly enjoyed the event. The in-depth nature of Sourcing City Marketplace really allowed us to get a feel for what each individual distributor was after so that we can tailor our service to each individual company and the kind of projects they are working on.

After all, mutual respect, an understanding of each other’s businesses and great products and services is what this industry is all about.

We would like to thank all of the distributors who took the time to visit us at the event and we hope it was as beneficial for you as it was us.