Product Of The Month: January


After its grand reveal at the BPMA Christmas Dinner last month, it was only right that our stylish bespoke Phone Stand had its well-deserved moment to shine as our product of the month!

Our bespoke phone stand is a practical and useful product, designed to give your customers an ‘in your face product’. As a desk product it will be constantly in view, therefore is perfect to promote your brand and increase brand awareness.

It can be made in virtually any shape, making it relevant for many different end users.

The phone stand is designed to hold phones both horizontally and vertically, which means it can also be used whilst your phone is charging.

However, not to be underestimated, it’s equally effective as a card holder or recipe stand. In Fact, if you fancy going large, we could even make it suitable for iPads and Tablets.

We offer an extensive choice of colours and can pantone match, so we can accommodate even the most specific branding guidelines.

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