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Taking A Greener Approach to Injection Moulding


The big question faced by responsible plastic injection moulders’ is how can they go “the extramile”and make a positive impact towards a more eco friendly method of manufacture?

Looking at materials is one way and very important, but a more significant factor is the amount of power needed to run moulding machines. With this in mind, Great Central Plastics have just installed a132 panel Photovoltaic system on the roof of their factory in Woodford Halse, the power output from these panels will provide nearly a third of their annual power usage, all green energy supplied by the power of the sun and more importantly the system will displace 13,653 kg CO2. per annum.

Tony Phillips Managing Director said “ We have implemented many initiatives within the company to be as Eco friendly as possible, but this is without a doubt our most ambitious. The system represents a major investment for the company but with significant benefits of reducing our electricity bill and reducing our carbon footprint. These panels will help us achieve our ultimate goal of being a greener,  more cost efficient and more responsible UK manufacturer.”