The Tool Room

Over our 18 year history the tool room has grown and evolved from using basic traditional tool making methods which were effective but slow and costly, to a very fast computer based operation.

Our continual investment in new machinery and software to meet customer demands has resulted in a tool room which now opertates a modular insert system for the majority of our tooling. Inserts are manufactured from a high quality Aluminium Alloy, as used in Aircraft and F1 cars, which results in both faster tooling and faster cycle times when moulding. These inserts are then fitted within one of the many bolsters within our range.This ensures we keep set-up costs to an absolute minimum for bespoke work and means, for simple jobs, an MOQ of 250 is still very viable.

More complex, intricate products can involve fully owned, dedicated steel bolsters, complex split lines and fully hardened core and cavity details. These tools are fully designed and can incorporate side action movements if required.

There are also many available options regarding feed point from the conventional edge gate and sub gate to full hot runner systems. This will be determined based on the product, budget and cavitational layout.